Track Holdings, LLC


bluebonnet racing circuit

Bluebonnet Racing Circuit will offer a challenging layout made up of the best parts of many tracks around the country, with 19 turns featuring over 450 feet of cumulative elevation changes, high quality professional grade pavement and top notch support facilities.

The layout was developed organically from the land contours themselves offering a balance of high speed and technical sections, fast straights with enough elevation to make it exciting while preventing drivers from seeing the entire straight in many places.

The Facility has been designed to be built in two levels based on Note Subscriptions and Donations.  At $5 million the 200 acre initial parcel will be developed Track version 1 at 2.76 miles will be built with over 360 feet of cumulative elevation changes featuring 19 challenging turns Basic paddock and 70 garages are built

At full subscription of $9.6 Million everything in the design is funded creating a world class facility, with 3.25 miles of track, quite simply the best road course in Texas, ready for national finals. 

Upon completion Bluebonnet will include a Pro Shop offering safety gear, data systems, and other related items, on-site snack bar, and Cafe' Large paddock with full grids at each end allowing ease of track use.

Weekend and long term rental garages with ample power, cart barn, event storage, camping and picnic areas, maintenance buildings, designated tech area, impound area, corner worker accommodation areas, raised viewing areas, ample RV sites with full power throughout the paddock and camping areas.

Long and short term parking for trailers, fuel station offering racing fuel and diesel for haulers.

Over 1500 feet of entry road lanes to facilitate prompt movement in and out of paddock keeping
traffic off local roads.

At full subscription provision has also been made for creation of a track side pavilion for our families to
cheer each driver on.

The proximity to the major markets of Houston, Austin and San Antonio makes the circuit extremely accessible and we have over 100 rooms already available each weekend but two.

The motorsports industry is rapidly growing in the Texas market, and even if the existing TWS facility were to delay its plans, ownership of Bluebonnet Circuit by the major renters themselves insures the movement of the majority of track days in September of 2015 to this new facility.

Upon completion we have commitments for 46 weekends.