sound barriers will be used if needed

Federal studies show the effectiveness of these barriers.

This is a test with same equipment at TWS

14 August 8:50 am

Substantially the same noise levels

this test of the existing road sound level was done at 290 and wonderhill road 25 May 2014 at 7:08 pm LA10 of 62 DB

Track Holdings, LLC

Monitoring is key

Bluebonnet will utilize computer driven sound monitoring equipment to Ensure the Noise Management program is followed.


Barriers can and will be made attractive

bluebonnet sound plan creates a 75 LA10 db level at the fence lines

what is LA10 and why use this

Sound is very complicated and there are numerous way to measure it, however most highway designers, and governmental agencies utilize a LA10 scale for determination and monitoring of road noises. Noise and sound levels vary in level over time and so are commonly described statistically in terms of exceedence levels. These levels summarize the percentage of time a set noise level was exceeded during the measurement period at the measurement point.

For example, if a noise level of 80dBA was exceeded 10% of the time during a sampling period, this result would be described as an LA10 of 80dBA. Its important to note that using the LA10 scale the highest sound level that is exceed for 10% of the time is the number assigned, therefore it is representative of the highest range of sounds for 10% of the time the rest of the recorded period must be less than this level or the LA10 value assigned would increase.

An A-weighted noise level exceeded for N% of a given measurement period is denoted as an LAN of that level. LA10  is the noise exceeded for 10% of the time, LA50 is the noise level exceeded for 50% of the time, and so on. LA90 is commonly used to measure the average minimum or background A-weighted noise level.

sound falls off with distance

a Static Test of a loud car

Our maximum at static test will be below this however its an effective test to show the fence line db Calculation

                       bLUEBONNET RACING CIRCUIT

                              NOISE ABATEMENT PROGRAM

it is an honor to have the opportunity to build the Bluebonnet Circuit outside of Brenham Texas and we hope to become great friends with all our community as the years pass.  we know that fear is generated by a lack of information and we wanted to take a moment to discuss the lengths we have gone to to insure this track is compliant with all regulations.

The circuit has been designed to use the natural topography, along with sound barriers, and moderation of the type of cars allowed on circuit to dramatically lower the sound levels normally associated with high Performance Driving and Racing.

There will be

No NASCAR type Racing

No Dirt Track Race Cars

No Motocross Racing 

No Off road racing

No Drag Racing