A little Q&A Founders Lane Pit Garages
Q            When can I see more info and what’s going to be available? A            October 17th full plans will be online with elevations, floor plans and
unit numbers, you can send in contracts any time after that.

Q            How do I Buy?
A            These are pre construction commitments and it’s important that you
realize that first.

The process will be to issue a standard Texas Real Estate
Commission sales contract on each unit. After your review this
carefully if you wish to proceed then execute and return the contract
to us along with your $5000.00 earnest money check payable to
Washington County Title. They will escrow your funds until we move
closer to construction.

Q            After I sign a contract what’s the next step?

A            After the track has broken ground, and 80% of the units are under
contract we will notify you to go “hard” in other words non
refundable on your funds. This is accomplished by placing 40% of
your commitment up to be retained by the title company who will
release it to us automatically once foundations are poured. From that point it becomes much like a custom home with draws: 40% at slab at completion of slab and underground 40% at completion of framing and dry in 20% upon completion

Q            Will I get my funds back if garages are not built?

A            Absolutely, the funds are held in escrow for you so there is no risk.

Q            Will I own the unit separate from the track?
A            Yes, these are built under condominium laws so you will collectively
own separate from the track the land under the garage, and the
access roads. You will also own your individual unit

Q            Can I buy more than 1 and remove the interior demising walls?
A            Yes, the building is designed to be virtually free standing allowing
you to customize the interior to your own theme.

 Q         What’s the cost and how is it figured?
A         Each unit is 1000 sq feet on the ground floor and the costs are
based on this floor only. So the center 8 garages would be 160,000
each and the two end caps would be 180,000.
We do not count anything so could reduce your per square foot cost
to 80.00 psf by building out the entire second level.

Q            Are there use limits?
A             Yes, these are designed to be built out by the users as primarily
garages with private entertainment facilities and limited sleeping
quarters. They are not designed nor will you be permitted to live in
them. Each unit can have only 1 bedroom and there will be limits
on overnight guests. There are numerous Hotels in the Brenham

Q            In the future if I want to sell are there restrictions on resale?
A            These are owned by you. No ownership committee or wait list if you
want simply place them on the open market and sell with any
profits being retained by you. There is no waiting period or order of
unit sales, they are yours to do with just like a condo. However there are a few restrictions; the buyer must agree to our rules, and the
track must be given a 10 day right to match any offer to protect the

Q            Are there restrictions on interior build out?
A            Exterior is totally controlled and you cannot make any changes to it.
However the interior is really up to you with the exception of being
limited to 1 bedroom. You can theme out your unit any way you
want, put in a full second floor, or mezzanine. You can install a lift in the pre-engineered location or simply fill that in.
You can build stairs or even put in an elevator, it’s your Garage
condo to do with as you please inside.

Q            Who can do the build out?
A            You can use any quality contractor, of course they will have to be
approved by the track, and licensed as necessary,  to insure
quality. Your construction plans will need to be quickly reviewed by
the track to insure you are not damaging your neighbors unit, are
building to code and not adding unapproved items like multiple
bedrooms or exceeding the structural integrity limits.
Construction hours themselves will be limited to prevent disturbing
the track and your neighbors.

Q            Will each unit have its own power and HVAC?
A            Yes, the units are pre wired with a 100 amp service, a 3 ton 16 seer
HVAC unit and the walls and ceiling are insulated with foam to
reduce heat load. Windows are low e glass and the cut out in the
slab for the lift is pre wired.

Q            Since this is pre purchase can I specify a particular electrical
layout, put my walls where I want them etc?
A            Yes, these are your units you can design them as you want

Q            Will there be reserved parking?
A            Yes each unit comes with 1 reserved parking space, there will also
be parking in the paddock areas for your guests.

Q            I see balconies can they be used?
A            Absolutely, this is why you are there, enjoy the track side
experience from your own private balcony, inside you can go from simple to elaborate, the choice is yours.

Q            Ok it can’t cost 160 a foot to build these things what’s the deal?
A            Location, and you own a part of history, secondly the profits will go
to track debt reduction.

Q            Can I park my RV?
A            You can purchase a reserved RV site that yours with full power or
use any site that’s available just pay the hookup fees.

Q            What are the maintenance fees, and what do they cover?
A            We are still working on the fees but they will be minimal just to
cover exterior, structural and septic maintenance,and any taxes
assessed against the building other than those of the individual unit owners themselves. Electricity is separate for each unit so you are
not paying for your neighbor to air-condition all of Texas.

Q            Can I run a business or shop out of my Garage?
A            NO, these are for individual use only these are for entertainment

Q            What do I need to do to get started today?
A            Once the units are online you can download a sales contract, fill in
your details and then call us to see which units are available.

Q            Are all the units the same, are there group discounts etc.
A            All units are the same size, due to location the end units have a
premium and there are no discounts this is the Founders Garages.

 Q            How any units are there?
A            We have 2 buildings with 10 units each, one building will be
sold out at a time. When they are gone they are gone.

However there will additional buildings in the motorsports village.
Q            What’s the difference?
A            The Founder’s garages open directly on to the cold pits and are
built with front and rear roll up doors allowing you to pass through
and enter the cold pits. The Motorsports Village will have similar architectural styles however very few of the Village units will off the
roll through option, and although they will be close there is no way
they will have the center stage access, and be the Founders

Q         What will the Motorsports Village garages cost?
A         These are designed to sell between 110-145 psf dependent on the

Q            Are there noise and lighting restrictions in place?
A            Yes, you cannot disturb our community at large so there will be
sound restrictions, and the entire track is under Dark Sky design
protocols so there cannot be any lights installed that do not comply.

The track Sound Management or NRP Program is applicable to the Founders Garages and the Motorsports Village as well.  


Track Holdings, LLC